I didn’t really know there was much of a difference between these words, until last Sunday at church My Pastor, again open my eyes to their differences.

I went to consult my dictionary (e dey my phone).

This is how it defined the words.

TEAM: Any GROUP of people involved in the SAME ACTIVITY, especially work and sport.

CLIQUE: A SMALL, EXCLUSIVE group of individuals, CABAL.

In various aspects of life- business, religion, sports, career etc much emphasis is made concerning a TEAM.

We get to hear, see and experience CLIQUES mostly in an educational environment, social clubs amongest a few.

But in the corporate world and other select circles, we see and hear terms like TEAM SPIRIT, TEAM PLAYER, TEAM LEADER, TEAM MANAGEMENT, TEAM CAPTAIN just to mention a few.

Some individuals, get sacked from their jobs because they lack TEAM SPIRIT or because they cannot function effectively in a TEAM.

Then I ask myself ‘why so much emphasis on a TEAM and not a CLIQUE?’

In some organizations, the management frown on employees who form CLIQUES. They see it as a hindrance towards organizational harmony and productivity.

To embark on a project or cause, you are usually advised to ‘create a TEAM of like-minded individuals’. You don’t hear a form a CLIQUE.

When you watch some Hollywood movies, before a major deal is brokered, attack is done etc a TEAM is created. A good example FAST FIVE of the FAST AND FURIOUS SERIES shot in Brazil. A TEAM (not a CLIQUE) of highly specialized individuals from around the world were brought together to steal from the most powerful man in Rio de Janeiro.

Jesus Christ formed a 12 Man TEAM- popularly known as ‘DISCIPLES’ and not CLIQUES in order to properly carry out His ministry on earth.

Since there is much emphasis on building or creating a TEAM, what are the qualities of a SUCCESSFUL TEAM?

A GREAT TEAM, communicate effectively with one another, sharing ideas, thoughts, opinions and taking into consideration what others say. In order words, they have a coordinated communication life. This is seldom found among a CLIQUE.

They are focused on goals and results unlike a CLIQUE, where if not everyone has a personal agenda. A TEAM is created with a goal in mind to achieve. There is always a purpose for creating a TEAM.

Each member of a GREAT TEAM, contributes their fair share towards the realization of their set objectives. Everyone knows their responsibility towards the success of the objective or goal.

They offer each other support.

They are always organised. If they are not, they cannot function effectively.

They usually have a TEAM LEADER. This is someone they can TRUST and RESPECT.

They have fun together. A great TEAM that works particularly well together enjoy each others company and socialize.

So what are you part of in your project, career or organisation?

Are you a member of a TEAM or CLIQUE/CABAL?

Don’t be in a haste to answer, PONDER DEEPLY within you.

Till I come back soon to tell you why you need Team for that business


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