It is worthy of note that much more young people (14-30 years) have become CEOs, they’ve began one enterprise or the other l believe you are one of the.

The big challenge is trying to know what we’re chief executive officers of, what exactly their enterprise does that sets it apart from the rest.

No don’t think like that, I’m not coming for young CEOs. The initials of my name is? You guessed right CEO.

I started an enterprise late 2017 too! I am CEO both by name and office, but not until recently did I discover beyond reasonable doubt what problem my enterprise was to solve; at least where to start from.

I started OBI online mall with a very broad perspective, wanted to compete with Jumia and Konga. To become the real giant of e-commerce in Africa selling only African made products (inserts hysterical laughter) and we began from social media.

Since my 300 level in school I have been longing to have my own footwear brand so footwear was naturally Obi’s first product.

It did well but stalled at some point.

Not to bore you with too many details, playing on the e-commerce space for a while now taught us a lot about Africa and her peculiarities and we decided to pivot… 5 times we pivoted.

The first goal is still valid but from where we are and what we have, we simply can’t achieve it. The market (e-commerce in Africa) is not even ripe for our (Obi’s) systems and structure yet.

It is true what Uncle Zuckerberg said “Ideas don’t come out fully formed. They only become clear as you work on them. You just have to get started.”

Earlier without thinking about it, I would have told you Obi is working on providing affordable, durable and fashionable fashion products for Nigerians and Africans by extension.

This still is broad so we moved further to simplify it, Obi is working on providing affordable, durable and fashionable footwear for Nigerians and Africans by extension.

We still tried working with this and discovered it was still too broad then we got to where we are now.

Obi provides young men (14-30 years) in Nigeria and Africa by extension with affordable, durable and fashionable footwear.

This inching down and clearly stating our goals has helped us greatly!

Samples of our first collection “WENOM” got sold out at the just concluded NUESA National Technical Conference and Exhibition in Nile University that brought together students from all nooks and crannies of the federation from National Universities Engineering Students Association (NUESA).

Our student rep came back with overwhelming feedback which made us understand better what we have done thus far and how we can improve.

We know who our target audience is, where our buyer persons hangs out, what language they speak. We’ve gotten clarity!

So uncle and aunty CEO what value exactly are you offering?

What is your unique selling point?

If you’re just starting, It is okay not to have this figured out immediately! Remember ideas don’t come out fully formed and Daddy JO (John Ogidi) is in version 3.0!

Read all you can, observe all you can, attempt all you can!It’ll only take time and knowledge, your idea is valid!

Overly Blessed Individual (OBI)
Chima Ernest Okoli (CEO) 😂

I found this article very interesting and l think worth sharing which l must confess that, there is no success mentioned today that has a valuable things that was offered to the general public.

I quote one of my great mentor in the industry which says, AKIN ALABI of NairaBet says There is no value you can produce if you have no solution to a problem even to the smallest community.

Look around you today, l will bet you, there are so many uncountable problem surfacing everyday that need SOLUTION, even at you door step which is waiting for someone to discover and tap into it for greater success. Check round if you can discover one and you will be glad you did.

Thank You for your patients till this end , don’t forget to check round our pages for more tool and articles that step up your business. catch you next time

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